Discover faster, more efficient monitoring with an enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) solution that learns your apps.

Get real-time, end-to-end management made for the most complex and distributed applications. Unity APM helps you focus on what matters with features like application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics.

  • Powered by Map iQ

    Know your apps better than ever with complete, real-time visibility into the customer journey and business-critical transactions

    Automatically discover what's “normal” with dynamic performance baselining

    Stay focused by only getting alerted when thresholds are exceeded

    Integrate our alerting system with third party solutions like ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira

  • Powered by Baseline IQ

    Only get alerted about business-critical issues with automatic performance baselining

    Automatically visualize complex web and mobile applications with our patented approach to APM

    Reveal interdependencies with auto-generated flow maps

    Trace key Business Transactions based on production application behavior

  • Powered by Diagnostic iQ

    Understand the root-cause of any application issue, immediately

    Low overhead solution lets you watch everything in production without missing issues

    Isolate and resolve production application performance issues more efficiently by monitoring every line of code while only activating deep diagnostic capabilities when performance wavers

    Get the exact line of code, function, thread, or database call causing issues

  • Powered by Signal iQ

    Avoid data fatigue with automatic correlation of app, infrastructure, and business

    Discover clear insights on application performance — automatically correlated from the massive amount of data created by modern applications

    Ensure that the right teams get the right facts, right when they need them, with our sophisticated policy engine

    Keep teams focused on continuously improving application performance

  • Powered by Enterprise iQ

    Stay in complete control as you deploy, manage, and scale in the enterprise

    Implement and configure quickly and simply through one intuitive web-based UI

    Launch across multi-cloud environments via an on-premises install or SaaS deployment, depending on your security and compliance needs

    Easily scale deployment as your company’s needs grow

    Ensure teams stay focused on what they need to know with granular role-based access control

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