Why Customers Choose Splunk?

Ensuring security and system resilience while accelerating innovation is a business imperative. These outcomes are achievable with data. That’s why customers choose Splunk.

Unlock Innovation

Innovation takes many forms: transformative business changes and incremental optimizations.  Both types of innovation are predicated on having secure and resilient systems. With Splunk, customers efficiently ensure security and resilience, freeing up resources to identify opportunities in their data and deliver innovations, even in the face of unpredictability.

Improve Security

Ensuring a strong security posture is increasingly challenging as the complexity of attacks and the attack surface continues to grow. Splunk enables customers to modernize their security operations, delivering a stronger, unified security posture across the hybrid, multi-cloud environment. The result: more efficient and agile Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that support business growth.  

Drive Resilience

As the percent of business conducted digitally continues to skyrocket, system resilience has become critical to business resilience. With Splunk, customers have a real-time view of the health and performance of all layers of their technology stack —– from underlying infrastructure to end user applications —– enabling them to optimize performance by proactively identifying issues, and driving rapid resolution. Customers reduce overhead and boost the bottom line, while managing their systems at the speed of digital business. 

Splunk Solutions

Splunk Cloud

Get cloud-powered insights for petabyte-scale data analytics across the hybrid cloud.Learn More >

Splunk Enterprise

Use search, analysis and visualization for actionable insights from all of your data. Learn More >

Splunk Enterprise Security

Turn data into doing by putting trust into an agile security analytics solution that moves at the speed of your business. Learn More >

Splunk SOAR

Work smarter by automating repetitive security tasks, respond to incidents in seconds, and increase analyst productivity and accuracy to better protect your business.Learn More >

Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Secure against unknown threats through user and entity behavior analytics.Learn More >

Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Ensure service performance with full visibility, AIOps and incident intelligence.

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