• Network Administration & Engineering

    Develop and refine the skills needed to successfully work with networks at a variety of levels, including design, implementation, and troubleshooting. Areas of expertise include data center, network security, networking, storage, and more.

  • Systems Administration & Engineering

    Build the expertise required to ensure services are delivered smoothly. Areas of expertise include desktop support, IT security, messaging/communications, office productivity, server administration, system administration, virtualization, and more.

  • Programming and Development

    Learn the skills used to build dynamic databases, web sites, and programs. Areas of expertise include database administration, database development, programming, and web development.

  • DevOps

    DevOps blends traditional development and systems/network operations to create more agile IT infrastructures. Areas of expertise include big data, cloud infrastructure, and configuration management.

  • Project Management and End User Training

    Conquer project management best practices, processes, methods, knowledge, and skills. Empower end users to get more out of their workplace tools. Areas of expertise include IT documentation, IT project management, Office productivity, and more.

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