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I. Introduction of Unity Network Technology Limited and Mongolia Office

Unity Network Technology Limited, established in 1998 and oriented to Mongolia market, has witnessed the development of IT in Mongolia since its initial networking, it is committed to providing professional ICT information system solutions and services and creating value for its clients with professional IT solutions. Unity has begun to explore and transform into emerging business mode since 2014, its high-quality services make the clients obtain larger appreciation space. Unity provides its services to the industries such as finance, operators, education, government, mining, Internet and manufacturing etc.

In the new era of digital transformation, cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data and IOE are in the ascendant, and IT technology is becoming a business strong booster. More and more enterprises have been explorers and practitioners of digital transformation, therefore, it urgently needs a new IT architecture characterized by application driving, flexible extension, rapid deployment and safety and reliability, so as to adapt to unceasing expansion of scale and rapid changing in business.

Unity has built long-term strategic cooperation relations with well-known IT vendors at domestic and overseas, including but not limited to CISCO, Splunk, Imperva, VMware, ORACLE, RADware, Ruckus, Juniper, HP, Bluecoat, F5, Salesforce, Palo Alto and other global leading IT and security vendors, in addition, its technical experts team can customize suitable and professional solutions for the clients, and provide them with professional after-sales service.

Unity leads innovation with cloud computing, big data and SDN, in consideration of excellent capacity in IT comprehensive service, it provides the clients with new customized IT solutions and new IT services in whole life cycle by virtue of its professional technology in the fields such as basic network, information security, unified coordination and IT service management.

In 2017, Unity will invest capital for establishing Unity Mongolia Company as well as a local technical support team in Mongolia. The technical experts from head office will provide all-round training and guidance, support the technical team to learn highly sophisticated products from each vendor according to market demand, and improve the technical team’s skill from pre-sales test, integrated installation and after-sales support, so as to provide the clients with more efficient and convenient services.

You are welcome to join in Unity Mongolia Company if only you own proper capacity, experience and aggressiveness, and Unity wishes to create a bigger stage together with you and provide the clients with wider space for development.


II. Job requirements

Two salesmen (salary is negotiable, 3-5 years of IT experience and customer resource is preferred)

Duty description

1.Maintain customer relationships, create new opportunities, establish a good communication between the company and customers, in the pre-sale, sale, after-sale at all stages to enhance customer satisfaction

2.Complete customer follow-up, negotiation, signing, maintenance, track and finish the entire sales process to complete the sales

3.Based on the company's market strategy, make and develop effective sales plans and programs for the target customers

4.Participate in the tender preparation, on-site bidding and sales program demonstration

5.Learn of market trends, make efforts to develop new customers


Qualification requirements (Experienced sales):

1.Familiar with IT and other related products and their fields

2.Have your own customer resources, be able to help the company to expand the market, has good market-forward

3.Good communication skills, learning ability are needed, active and positive

4. Work hard and have a team spirit

5. College degree or above, 2 years or above experience

6. Good command of both written and spoken English is acquired, be good at Chinese reading and Writing is preferred

Qualification requirements (Inexperienced sales):

1.Honest and positive

2. Be interested in IT and innovation areas

3. Love to learn, willing to accept new things

4. Good communication skills are preferred

5. Be willing to team work

6. Good command of both written and spoken English is acquired, be good at Chinese reading and Writing is preferred



Two technical engineers (salary is negotiable)

Duty description

Pre-sales engineer

1. Analyze client demand and market situation, complete the preparation of pre-sales technical schemes, and configure the products according to client demand, products supplied by the vendors and inventories in the company

2. Coordinate the sales personnel to complete technical exchange with the clients and consultation planning, prepare PPT and make presentations and demonstrations

3. Carry out test, analyze and explain the test results

4. Assist the sales personnel in promoting the signature of project contract, propose the specific opinions and suggestions, and provide technical support at different project stages

5. Coordinate and implement the project on site.


After-sales engineer

1. Formulate after-sales project construction schemes, responsible for installation, explanation after completion and track in later period, and trigger a new project

2. Conduct routing inspection to the clients’ network equipment

3. Provide after-sales technical support, eliminate the fault, handle emergencies, and provide the clients with reasonable suggestions

4. Prepare the scripts and documents related to after-sales construction


Qualification requirements

1. Know the product line of Cisco or that of two or above companies in other field very well, and own relatively professional ability in Cisco or other field

2. Familiar with network architecture, more interested in ICT and computer network and security field as well as cloud platform, willing to learn a variety of solutions and product functions, and able to help the clients to build network through applying various products flexibly, the one who obtains authentication of Cisco or other manufacturers will be preferential

3. Familiar with the operation logic of network equipment, able to help the clients to complete the basic building of test environment and support the clients to complete test (pre-sales engineer)

4. Strong ability in communication and explanation

5. Skilled at the office software such as PPT and Word, own the ability in preparing and reporting PPT and technical documents

6. With strong sense of responsibility and teamwork awareness, willing to receive the challenges

7. With strong logical thinking, own stronger ability to understand and response as well as stronger self-confidence

8. Own good ability in English reading and writing, the one who knows about Chinese will be preferential

9. Bachelor degree or above


One accountant (salary is negotiable)

Duty description

1. Able to independently handle the general taxpayer business

2. Able to reasonably handle import and export business including customs declaration, payment and declaration.

3. Responsible to prepare various financial statements and tax reports and audit the financial statements

4. Responsible to handle the accounting problems and coordinate the taxation, complete tax declaration and annual audit on schedule and maintain the relations with banks and tax authorities well.

5. Make overall planning and management to the corporate taxation, and reduce the operation cost of enterprise.

6. Monitor the daily operation and expenses situation of each department in the company, report the abnormalities in a timely manner, and propose the corresponding improvement and processing scheme.

7. Keeping the financial books, accounting statements and accounting materials properly, and keep the secrets related to finance


Qualification requirements

1. With experience in finance for more than three years is preferred, familiar with the financial and economical laws and regulations, accounting regulations and taxation policies existing in Mongolia

2. Require owning good ability to communicate in Chinese

3. Familiar with foreign trade business, understand the foreign exchange policies, proficient in import and export business

4. With integrity and strong sense of responsibility, work carefully and diligently


One reception & administration officer (salary is negotiable)

Duty description

1. Administration management: Record the attendance situation, reserve hotels and air tickets, transfer calls, send and receive packages, purchase and manage the office supplies, communicate with the print agency for typesetting and printing documents, manage warehouse and assist the department managers in handling other administration affairs.

2. Management of human resources: Release and view the recruitment advertising, invite for interview, and handle the formalities necessary for entry and leaving office or becoming a regular worker

3. Filing of commercial documents: file and look up the company’s commercial documents; business department cooperation with the to finish some work

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


Qualification requirements

1. Junior college degree and above, vibrant and energetic

2. Skilled at using office software

3. The one who owns certain ability in Chinese reading and writing and communication in Chinese fluently, have good ability in English reading and writing meanwhile will be preferential

4. Work carefully, with strong sense of responsibility, and take the initiative when anything crops up

5. Own good team-work spirit

6. Like to learn new knowledge and meet the challenges

Contact e-mail:

Contact person: Unity HRM Anne