End-to-End Network Security Design with VMware NSX


End-to-End Network Security Design with VMware NSX

Meeting time:     Sep. 27th,2023,    14:00-15:00

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We are Unity Data Technology LLC, a MSP/ IT Outsourcing/IT services provider/IT Consulting company providing IT, communications, and cybersecurity professional service across the globe, especially in Mongolia, China and HK.  We’re part of the partnership ecosystem of various technology giants, such as VMware, Splunk, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Juniper, Dell, Tenable, Delinea, Symantec, Redhat, Solarwinds,  Infoblox, Firemon, Mandiant, PaloAlto, PureStorage, Citrix, etc.. 

We host regular in-person seminars together with industry to leading technology companies.

The upcoming webinar will be held on Sep. 27th, 2023. We will invite the expert, Tyler Chen- Senior SE of Networking from VMware to share the insights of End-to-End Network Security Design with VMware NSX.

We kindly invite you to join our " End-to-End Network Security Design with VMware NSX " webinar

"Network security is a critical aspect of any organization's infrastructure, as it safeguards the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and resources. In today's dynamic and complex IT environments, traditional perimeter-based security measures are no longer sufficient. To address the evolving threat landscape, organizations are turning to advanced network security solutions such as VMware NSX.

VMware NSX is a software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization platform that brings unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and security to network infrastructures. It enables organizations to create a virtualized network overlay on top of their existing physical network infrastructure, decoupling network services from the underlying hardware.

By leveraging the capabilities of VMware NSX, organizations can design and implement a robust end-to-end network security framework. This approach provides enhanced visibility, control, and agility, while reducing complexity and improving overall security posture. With NSX's software-defined networking and virtualization capabilities, organizations can achieve a highly secure and scalable network infrastructure that aligns with their evolving security requirements."


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