VMware Ransomware Protection for Modern Data Center


VMware Ransomware Protection for Modern Data Center

Meeting time: 2022-07-21 15:00

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Greetings Dear Customers, 


We are Unity Data LLC, a MSP/ IT Outsourcing/IT services provider/IT Consulting company providing IT, communications, and cybersecurity professional service across the globe, especially in Mongolia, China and HK. We’re part of the partnership ecosystem of various technology giants, such as VMware, Splunk, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Juniper, Dell, Tenable, Thycotic, Symantec, Redhat, Solarwinds, Citrix, Fireeye, PaloAlto, PureStorage, etc..


We host regular in-person seminars together with industry to leading technology companies.

The upcoming webinar will be held on 21st July 2022. We will invite the expert Zen Chan-Senior Security Consulting Engineer from VMware to share the insights of VMware Ransomware Protection for Modern Data Center.

We look forward to your participation. On top of all, to show our gratitude, we will have small presents to all registered participants. Wish a well fortune ahead to all.


We kindly invite you to join our " VMware Ransomware Protection for Modern Data Center " program.


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2574 673 5459


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