Accelerate digital transformation with VMware Tanzu




14:30-15:30(Beijing Time)

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Greetings dear customers, we are the IT Solution Provider, we are honored to inform you that we are holding an online Unity webinar conference, introducing the newest solutions.

We kindly invite you to join our "VMware webinar - Accelerate digital transformation with VMware Tanzu" program.

We are looking forward to have you as our active participants, as well as open communication. On top of all, to show our honesty we will be giving small presents to all registered participants.


Redefine the foundation of IT to power every application on any cloud. With Multi-Cloud and App Modernization 

solutions from VMware, you can migrate to the cloud without recoding your apps, modernize your infrastructure, 

and operate consistently across the data center, the edge, and any cloud. Please join us to check how to acceletrate 

digital transformation with VMware Tanzu.


Topic: Accelerate digital transformation with VMware Tanzu

Vendor: VMware

Speaker:Oscar Wang - Senior Systems Engineer

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Meeting number:2572 514 4680

Password:  4d6MmUQmBX8

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