Unmatched capacity scale.

And extremely cost efficient too.

   Unity Infinity runs on standard x86 server hardware – chances are this is hardware you either already own, or can purchase through an existing relationship with your standard vendor (Dell, HP, Supermicro, IBM, Cisco, and countless others).

Scaling up, scaling out

   Unity Infinity licenses users, not hardware. This means you can run any number of Unity Infinity Conferencing Node virtual machines in any number of locations.

   When there is a need to scale up your deployment to add more capacity, you simply deploy more Conferencing Nodes in more locations, or across more servers. This flexibility lets you keep traffic local to your users, wherever they may be.

   You access Unity Infinity Virtual Meeting Rooms through any standard client software or endpoint. Unity also has freely available Infinity Connect client software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.

   Furthermore, the Unity Infinity Connect for web browsers enables anyone with a standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari to join without any endpoint whatsoever.

   With Unity Infinity's unique RTMP out, you can even stream video conferencing to an unlimited amount of users via public or enterprise CDN solutions such as YouTube, Wowza, Microsoft Azure, and many others.

Licensing models

   Unity Infinity is licensed similarly to other enterprise software. It consists of a simple platform license (which includes software and feature upgrades throughout the life of the subscription) plus capacity licenses. You can expand the scope using optional Virtual Meeting Room and audio-only licensing.

   Increasing and decreasing capacity based on the needs of your organization is simple with just a single license key. For example, an expansion from 50 to 200 users is as straightforward as applying a new license. It’s always in stock and delivered instantly.

 Industry-standard management tools

   The cost of operating your enterprise's video conferencing equipment is not only related to the cost of licenses. It is also related to service contracts and management and operating costs.

   Imagine your video conferencing deployment managed by a single person from a single location.

   Because Unity Infinity is virtualized software, you can do just that. There is no special training necessary, and there are no special tools required. Your IT administrator uses the industry-standard management tools they are already used to.

   You can manage Unity Infinity through VMware's standard management tools. Just like everything else you have virtualized.

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