Security Optimization

Sustainable Security in a Constantly Changing Environment 

   Your organization must be both nimble and secure - adapting to new technology and complying with regulations. And, as network perimeters dissolve, security concerns change. How do you determine the security risk of moving to the cloud? As more devices access your network, is your security policy adequate and effective? How can you make changes to your network without compromising reliability or security? And with strained IT resources, how can you handle these changes?          Cisco® Security Optimization Service helps you address these challenges. We identify solutions based on your business goals: compliance requirements, mobile worker program, branch locations, and plans for implementing new technology. Our comprehensive service combines strategy, assessments, support, and learning activities. Our ongoing support can help you evolve and improve your security posture, policies, and the effectiveness of your security infrastructure. 

   And partnering with our security experts gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and best practices, quarterly site visits, and regular analysis. Our team also helps you securely implement security technologies, such as cloud and virtualization, and work with you to manage risks and threats to help you meet evolving compliance requirements.


• Improve security by identifying vulnerabilities in your security and networking infrastructure.

• Evolve your network security as you add new applications and technologies while complying with policies and regulations. 

• Assist with network segmentation to meet compliance requirements for secure payment processing or other data transit between your locations 

• Protect information and critical data while allowing your workforce to collaborate and access third-party clouds. 

• Allow users to access data more securely from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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