CloudCenter Implementation Services


• Accelerate your business outcomes by identifying which hybrid cloud management use cases your organization needs.

• Successfully deploy workloads by verifying cloud region, system, and design requirements for target applications.

• Reduce complexity by modeling application profiles, including topology, infrastructure, and cloud service dependencies.

• Prepare operations to manage and scale CloudCenter efficiently with governance control of infrastructure and applications.


Accelerate Adoption of Hybrid IT as a Service

Today, IT teams must increase speed and agility across the data center and optimize workloads for users. To do this, they’re increasingly adopting a hybrid IT strategy that includes a flexible mix of IT services across data center, private cloud, and public cloud. In doing so, these IT managers gain visibility and improve governance across applications, clouds, and their user base.

For customers who need to quickly and easily model, deploy, and manage applications, Cisco® CloudCenter provides an applicationcentric hybrid cloud management system that securely provisions infrastructure resources. This enables automated, self-service application deployment. It also gives IT managers enterprise-class visibility and governance control of the applications.


With Cisco CloudCenter, enterprise IT organizations can pursue a range of powerful use cases, including:

• On-demand IT as a service (ITaaS)

• Automated DevOps and continuous delivery

• Capacity augmentation, including high availability

• Application lifecycle management with governance

Cisco CloudCenter Services help you design, implement, and manage CloudCenter successfully and efficiently so you see the benefits more quickly. We’ll work with you to identify the optimal use cases and deploy the solution smoothly.

Need to scale? Your organization will receive valuable training and an operations runbook so you can scale CloudCenter to support your hybrid IT plans.

Feeling pressure to deliver on time? Our services can rapidly deliver simpler projects as well as ensure the success of complex deployments of CloudCenter because we follow a proven methodology:

1. Model: Quickly build a cloud-independent application profile and associate it with the entire application stack.

2. Deploy: Deploy the application profile and related infrastructure resources to any data center or cloud.

3. Manage: Manage a range of application lifecycle actions to set policies for financial control, scaling, cross-environment bursting, and multitenancy

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