HyperFlex Implementation Services


• Set up Cisco® HyperFlex System clusters and move your workloads with confidence

• Increase success when moving workloads, data, and applications to HyperFlex Systems

• Prepare to manage and expand a HyperFlex System efficiently


Ready to Accelerate Your Migration to a Cisco HyperFlex System?

Digital transformation requirements are driving the need for new architectures to dynamically utilize compute, storage, and networking resources in the data center. The applications require close proximity of compute and storage resources that are managed using software.

Cisco HyperFlex Systems provide softwaredefined infrastructure by combining compute, storage, and networking. Each Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) node provides a dynamic way to accomplish this based on application need. This translates to a data center infrastructure that is simpler, easier to scale, and easier to manage.

Cisco HyperFlex Systems allow customers to extend the operational simplicity of a hyperconverged infrastructure to more applications and use cases.

If you are responsible for enabling digitization of any part of your business, you might find yourself responsible for migrating data, applications, and workloads to HyperFlex Systems safely and securely. When you are ready to pilot and implement a new HyperFlex System, we can help: 

• Identify workloads, apps, and storage to migrate

• Verify I/O profile and availability requirements of applications you plan to migrate

• Identify and use the most optimal migration strategy

• Prepare operations to manage and scale HyperFlex Systems efficiently

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