Major Mongolia Server Provider


   Server Provider-Data backup


   Base on the backup policy to backup data automatically,and provide multiple mode for the backup.The backup client should include Oracle, Linux server , Windows server and VMware server, for the backup network should be compatible with Lan and SAN. The backup device should be easy to management and easy to use.


   According to the customer requirement, We provided backup solution could support all the customer client, and provide the total backup and incremental backups, could backup data via Lan and San, base on the time customer could schedule the backup plan, and backup data automatically.


● Increase operational efficiency

● Deploy faster

● Reduce risk by minimizing planned and unplanned downtime

● Improve staff efficiencies and enhance service levels

● Leverage flexible performance and scalability

● Optimize performance via tight integration of hardware with backup software

● Increase network bandwidth and reduce capacity with deduplication at multiple levels: source, target, inline, or post-process

● Easily add capacity as your environment grows


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