Major Mongolia Network Operator


    Mobile network operator


    Due to the obsolete facilities. Customers needed to maximize stability of Network, ensuring that all evolving compliance needs are met and customer data is protected.


    The Unity IT team deployed comprehensive solutions including technical support through the whole network. We also offer policy monitoring and troubleshooting periodically.


    Because Cisco did not set up a local office and a spare parts center in Mongolia, Consequently We offered a local spare parts center and technical support of the whole network;including network health check on site every quarter and generate a report; offering highly trained engineers and Unity resources 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to resolve critical network issues in an emergency situation. We solved the emergency problem more than 10 times every for customers, ensuring customers network normal operation,reducing risk occurred, improving efficiency. Meanwhile, Unity had undertaken the customer network support services next year and expanded the scope of services, providing more robust support for safe operation of our customers.

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