Mongolia Internet Service Provider Core Switch Extension


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   Along with the rapid growth of business, existing core switch network already unable to meet the business requirement. And existing core switch running spanning-tree, Operation and maintenance team difficult to deal with spanning-tree convergence issue and troubleshooting spanning-tree issue.


   Using 2 pcs Cisco Nexus 7706 as the Core Switch, The Cisco Nexus 7700 6-Slot Switch, with up to four I/O module slots, supports up to 192 x 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 96 x 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 48 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports, meeting the demands of small to medium data center deployments in a compact 9 Rack Units (RU) footprint. The Cisco Nexus 7706 has six fabric module slots to provide simultaneously active fabric channels to each of the I/O and supervisor modules. Through the parallel forwarding fabric architecture, the Cisco Nexus 7706 can achieve 10.5 Tbps of forwarding capacity or more

   In 2 pcs Nexus 7706 enable vPC feature, vPC is a virtualization technology that presents both Cisco Nexus 7000 Series paired devices as a unique Layer 2 logical node to access layer devices or endpoints. vPC belongs to Multichassis EtherChannel [MCEC] family of technology

   A virtual port channel (vPC) allows links that are physically connected to two different Cisco Nexus 7000 Series devices to appear as a single port channel to a third device. The third device can be a switch, server, or any other networking device that supports link aggregation technology.


  The Cisco Nexus® 7000 Series Switches are the foundation of the Cisco® Unified Fabric solution. Designed to meet the requirements of mission-critical network, these switches deliver exceptional availability, outstanding scalability, and the proven and comprehensive Cisco NX-OS Software data center switching feature set.

vPC provides the following technical benefits:

● Eliminates Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) blocked ports

● Uses all available uplink bandwidth

● Allows dual-homed servers to operate in active-active mode

● Provides fast convergence upon link or device failure

● Offers dual active/active default gateways for servers

  vPC also leverages native split horizon/loop management provided by port-channeling technology: a packet entering a port-channel cannot immediately exit that same port-channel.

  By using vPC, users get the immediate operational and architectural advantages:

● Simplifies network design

● Build highly resilient and robust Layer 2 network

● Enables seamless virtual machine mobility and server high-availability clusters

● Scales available Layer 2 bandwidth, increasing bisectional bandwidth

● Grows the size of the Layer 2 network

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