Major Mongolia Commercial Bank




    Due to lack of planning of network deployment before, with the increasing amount of data, the number of clients, increasing the number of facilities every year, resulting in the entire network architecture perturbation, and did not have redundant systems and security facilities.


     Needing redesign network architecture according to customer's requirement. To improve high availability、security、scalability.


     After consulting and analyzing the current network situation of the customer, we made a comprehensive suggestion from the aspects of security, high availability, scalability and so on.

     According to the solution, to help customers rectifying the whole network architecture, procurement and update some of the equipment, split the office network and service network, and improved the flexibility of service supply greatly.      Deploying multiple security architecture,Partitioning services and business、 network architecture and topology. Deploying unified management, set up the establishment of access mechanism and other measures.

     This project took a month to complete, significantly improve the customer's business capabilities, Getting high praise from customers.

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